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Monday, September 5, 2011

Mizzou To Launch Internet Network

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Most of the Big 12's recent problems have been centered around the University of Texas and it's Texas Longhorn Network that it has launched.  Many of the other members of the Big 12 feel that a television station focused directly on University of Texas athletics gives them an unfair advantage in an already unbalanced revenue sharing conference.

The likes of Nebraska, Colorado, and most recently Texas A&M have left the conference because of the situation and rumors are swirling that moves involving Oklahoma and Oklahoma State may be in the works sooner rather later.

So, in order to compete in the digital and social media world, the University of Missouri has decided to create their own outlet.

Mizzou announced that it is creating the "The Mizzou Network" which will be an internet-based channel that will broadcast various Mizzou athletic contests as well as provide behind the scenes access to practices and various other University events.

"We want to be a showcase for what's going on at Mizzou," associate athletic director Andrew Grinch said. "By doing this as an athletic department, you obviously have access that others don't."

Various television contracts and other deals will not allow the network to televise revenue generating sports contests like football and basketball on the newly created network, but the school plans on displaying other athletic events as well as give fans, students, and alumni inside access to high profile players and athletes with little or to cost.

The plan is to continue to advance Mizzou's brand and provide additional exposure for the University's athletes and the projects is unlikely to generate the type of revenue like the Longhorn Network's $300 million contract.

Mizzou hopes that the digital network can grow into something the school can use to enhance their image, spread the message, and get people excited about Mizzou athletics, no matter what conference they are in.

"We see it as something that will evolve and expand. The opportunities for content are pretty broad," Grinch said. "No matter what conference you're in, how are you differentiating yourself to your fans, alumni and constituents?"


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