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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are Zero State Income Taxes In Florida Attractive To Albert Pujols?

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Unless you live in a barn, as a St. Louis Cardinals fan you have likely already heard about the reported contract offer Albert Pujols has received from the newly minted Miami Marlins.

Pujols visited the Marlins on Friday, toured their new stadium, met with their owner Jeffrey Loria, and left with a contract proposal in hand.  Miami was the first stop on the Pujols free agency tour, but is the fact that it was his first stop significant?  Is Miami a top choice for Albert Pujols?

Over a week ago we suggested that Miami would be in the mix and we outlined the several reasons Pujols could have serious interest in playing in Miami.  A thriving Latino community, a new stadium, a new manager in Ozzie Guillen, and a new commitment to winning are a few factors that could lure Pujols to Miami.

But there is one thing Miami can offer to Pujols that nobody is talking about.

Zero state income taxes.

Florida residents do not pay any state income tax on wages earned in the state of Florida.  

Could this be yet another attractive factor in Miami's bid to lure Pujols to South Florida?

Sure Pujols would have to pay state taxes on games played in other states.  Every Major League player must do so.  But for the wages earned in all 81 of his possible home games in Miami, Pujols would not have to pay state income taxes, meaning more money in Albert's already fat pocket.

It likely is not a main reason for Pujols to take the Marlins contract offer seriously, but it certainly could be a factor that Miami can offer that nobody else besides the Texas Rangers can, making Miami an enticing landing spot for Pujols that many Cardinals fans are underrating.


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