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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Miami Marlins Offer To Albert Pujols Should Not Be A Surprise

Over a week ago we outlined the potential unlikely suitors that would be willing to pay and bid for the services of three time MVP Albert Pujols.

One of the teams we mentioned as a possible landing spot for Pujols was the newly minted Miami Marlins.  And sure enough, true to form, the Marlins are the first team to officially make their ambitions known and have reportedly made Pujols a very significant offer.

Cardinals fans should take this seriously.  Very seriously.  

Many in St. Louis believe that there is very little chance that Pujols would actually go to Miami and play for the Marlins.  St. Louisans believe that Pujols is about winning and think the Marlins are not ready to compete for a World Series Championship.  St. Louisans believe that Pujols is about tradition.  St. Louisans believe that Pujols is about the community.

And St. Louisans are correct.  Pujols is about all of those things, which is exactly why he visited Miami's new facility and met with the Marlins brass on Friday.

The Marlins have not been around long, but they have won two World Series Championships in their existence.  They have won before and with a new stadium, seem to be ready to add prized veterans to their mix of young and talented players.  Mediocrity and survival does not seem to be the theme in Miami any longer for the Marlins.  They brought in Ozzie Guillen to manage the team for a reason.  They are ready to win again.

Pujols has always shown the utmost respect to Cardinals legends like Stan Musial.  But in St. Louis, he would share the spotlight in Cardinals history next to Stan.  In Miami, if Pujols can help the organization become a perrenial winner over the terms of whatever contract he may sign, he would stand alone as the organization's hero.

Finally, Pujols is about the community.  His foundation in St. Louis has done great work.  But he can set up another foundation in Miami, a Latino community that surely will embrace Pujols if he were to go to Miami.  There is plenty of charitable work that can be accomplished in Little Havana and there is no reason to believe that Pujols could also keep his foundation in St. Louis as well.  Pujols could literally have the best of both worlds in his charitable endeavors.

So while Cardinals fans shrug off the reports about Pujols visiting the Marlins and receiving a substantial offer, they should brace themselves for the unexpected.

The Marlins are a real player in the Pujols sweepstakes and there is plenty to attract the star to Miami.



  1. stay in st louis the marlins are losers,,no fan support ,,,only bandwagon fans down here when you win they come out

  2. St. Louis Albert. Stay in St. louis.

  3. Take him. We already offered too much.