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Friday, April 13, 2012

Albert Pujols says he does not miss St. Louis

On the same day the St. Louis Cardinals play their home opener, their first game at Busch Stadium since winning the World Series with Albert Pujols as their first baseman, Pujols will host a press conference as a visiting player in New York on Friday. - Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals have their home opener on Friday afternoon, weather permitting, against their hated rivals, the Chicago Cubs.  The home opener, which is always an event in St. Louis and practically an unofficial holiday in the Gateway City, will be particularly special this season.

It will be the first time the Cardinals play in front of their home crowd since claiming the franchise's eleventh World Series Championship last fall. 

It will be the first time in 16 seasons that future Hall of Fame manager will not be calling the shots from the home dugout.  Cardinals fans will have their first close-up view of Mike Matheny as manager.

It will be the first time ace starting pitcher Adam Wainwright will take the hill in front of the Busch faithful. 

It will be the first game played in "Baseball Heaven" in eleven season without Albert Pujols on the roster.  

Speaking of Pujols, on the same day the Cardinals return home for the first time in 2012, the L.A. Angels first baseman will host a press conference in New York in order to appease multiple media requests in the Big Apple. 

How convenient. 

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The Pujols press conference in New York occurring on the same day as the Cardinals home opener feels like more than a coincidence to some.  How often does a visiting player host a press conference in a different city?  Pujols is a special player, but to host a press conference before a road game just seems strange.  

But then again, the actions of the Angels first baseman have been strange since he left the Cardinals, highlighted by a comment made by Pujols on Thursday to reporters in Minneapolis.  Here is how Pujols responded when he was asked if he missed the Cardinals and St. Louis.
"I'm way past that.  I have a new family, new teammates."
Pujols has struggled at the plate thus far this season and it has been well documented, especially after he signed the monster ten year, $254 million contract with the Angels.  Pujols has just five hits in six games and just two RBI's and no home runs while playing for his new family.  And the Angels have struggled, going just 2-4 in their first six games while the Cardinals are sitting pretty at 5-2.

Pujols continues to take shots at the Cardinals and seems bitter and angry towards the franchise.  Rather than take the high road, like most professional athletes do, and wish the Cardinals well and only answer questions about his new team, Pujols continues to make comments like the one on Thursday. 

Friday afternoon's home opener will be different without Pujols there and likely will be the climax of sadness for fans who adored the slugger.  While the Cardinals play their first game in front of the home crowd, Pujols will be answering questions from a rabid New York media who be hoping he has more negative things to say about the City of St. Louis and the Cardinals franchise.

While it be sad not to see Pujols on the field, the "Sea of Red" that will be at Busch Stadium to support Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals will signal that Cardinals fans have moved on as well.  Their ballclub is 5-2 and most are way past missing Albert Pujols and his huge bank account too. 


  1. So far Cards are doinng better with out you Pujo. You are nothing but a money hungry ass glad to see you leave

  2. Poo Hoo

    St. Louis so damn glad you and your money are not a part of St. Louis you did not cost us a dime this year. It’s a shame that you had to be part of 2011. You did not deserve it.

    You have to wake up every morning and every night before you go to bed and give thanks to God that he gave you 8 teammates that carried you through the play offs and Won the World Series for you. Because that 2011 World Series ring you have will be the last one you will ever be a part of.

    For 2 years you told St. Louis that it was not about the money, it is a damn shame that the kids in Anaheim will have to watch the likes of you and your non ethical butt.

    You have no idea how paying for you has effected the Angels decision making process with that 254 million dollars and you don’t care. The Angels just think you care. Give them a couple of years.

    When have you scheduled the BK for the restaurant business

  3. WOW../..bunch of angry Redbird fans...and childish too...leave the man alone. we're all out for ourselves, and for the most part nobody is loyal to anyone anymore. Get over it. Especially in sports...c'mon..get a real life that something in sports bothers you all this much...Birds will be in middle to cellar by end of year, he will be thumping HR's elsewhere and you won't be spouting off at the mouth quite a much. You all actually have shown YOUR TRUE "SPOTS" or Colors more than him....you all just sound bitter.

    --The Cubs (who yes, are avg at best, but rebuilding now for the future)

  4. While I agree that the Cards fans' postings are a bit over the top w/ anger, to say the Cardinals will be in the middle or the cellar is just the idiocy of being a Cubs fan shining through. The Cardinals are the class of the NL Central and barring injury will repeat as division champs. And the Cardinals are a better team w/o Pujols, especially given that they would not have the luxury in 5 years of DHing him when he can't bend over for a groundball anymore. I don't wish him ill will, but I'd be lying if I said his slow atart isn't a little gratifying.

  5. Well He is gone and not missed and nither will his 55 hits into double plays. Glad to see he is doing so well for the Angels , not even in their top player list LMFAO

  6. Stop this nonsense. When I think of Albert Pujols, I still think "Cardinal". Guys, he will always be a CARDINAL. I am the biggest Redbird fan there is, and Albert will always remain my favorite player. Although he did leave, we need to cheer him on as a player. I admit this myself, I love seeing the Angels record under .400. No matter what, he is not going to admit he is at loss or made a mistake. He cannot possibly walk onto the Angels homefield with a public statement say "Oh, I hate this place, I regret my decision Blah blah blah." When I found out Pujols left the Cardinals, I bawled my eyes out. Literally. And everytime I think about it to this day, I get that sick feeling to my stomach. PooHoo, I know you do too. But there is no need to show our anguish by ripping Albert apart - that does nothing, and only makes him feel better about his decision to leave the cardinals. Although I hope he has regret, I still look up to him immensely as a baseball player, and as a man. I am actually writing an essay for class about Albert, and it makes me further realize how great and humble this man really is. We will never get the answers that we WANT to hear from Albert, but it is all in the past. Let's let Albert know that the City of St. Louis DEEPLY cherishes him name and his accomplishments. He will forever be a Cardinal - and he will go down in history as a Cardinal. It pains me to say he has ruined his Legacy, but in my mind, he has. He could've added so much more to the legacy that will go down in the books as a Cardinal, but he chose not to. See what I mean? Winning or not, the pain is still there. And I don't think the City of St. Louis will ever let it go, until he is enrolled into the Hall of Fame as a Cardinal.