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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mizzou ranks near bottom of donor giving in SEC

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As Mizzou prepares to move the to the SEC, the school will need to receive more athletic donations in order to make improvements to facilities like Faurot Field in order to compete in the SEC. - Photo courtesy of Getty Images
There is plenty of excitement in Columbia, Missouri and across the entire state as the University of Missouri prepares to officially join the Southeastern Conference in July.

But along with the increased excitement, there must be an increase in donations to the athletic department if Mizzou hopes to compete not only on the football field, but also in other sports as well as the competition in the SEC in sports such as baseball, women's softball, and track and field increases.

Recent reports have suggested that Mizzou ranks thirteenth out of fourteen SEC schools in donor giving.  

Mizzou received $7.65 million in donations to the athletic department last season.   Meanwhile Florida received well north of $30 million in donations.

The gap is something that needs to be closed if Mizzou hopes to compete and make investments in facilities.  

Investments in Faurot Field are already in the works for Mizzou.  They are installing a brand new artificial turf for next season and luxury sweets are in the works for a couple years down the road.

Excitement for the new era of Mizzou athletics is important.  But Mizzou will need more than just excitement.  They'll need more dollars too.

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  1. If they accepted food stamp donations from alums they would be in the top 5.