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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Steven Jackson confident in leadership ability of Jeff Fisher

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St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson voiced words of support for new coach Jeff Fisher as the Rams prepare for the 2012 season. - Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Over the years, St. Louis Rams stud running back Steven Jackson has matured as one of the leaders of the team and is literally the face of the Rams franchise.

So when the running back went out of his way and told reporters how confident he was in the leadership ability of new head coach Jeff Fisher and his staff, you know the Pro Bowl prospect is feeling good about turning things around quickly under Fisher.

Jackson told reporters that there is a "difference in confidence" at Rams Park with Fisher in charge.
"It's quite a difference. Nothing against what I’ve had before Coach Fisher, but you can definitely tell a difference in leadership, a difference in confidence. It’s not so much of on-the-job training. I'm just impressed by what he's assembled with assistant coaches around him. We have very credible coaches that are teaching me and some of my teammates. It’s just impressive, what they’ve been able to accomplish in some of their own careers." 
"It’s very refreshing to have a coach that has that kind of resume and brings that kind of credibility. You can just feel it. It’s quite a difference. I haven’t felt this way since the 2004, 2005 years, where now it’s more so 'when' is it going to turn around, not 'if' its going to turn around."
It is important for Jackson, the longest tenured Ram, to buy into Fisher's system.  He is the leftover leader of the club and from his words, it definitely sounds like Jackson is on board.

Jackson should enjoy Fisher's ground-and-pound style of football.  Jackson figures to be very prevalent and featured in the Rams third new offense in three seasons.  Jackson should be able to improve upon the 1,145 rushing yards and five touchdowns he posted in 2011.

But Jackson won't be alone in the backfield this season, as he has been for several seasons running. Jackson will be joined by Isaiah Pead, who the Rams drafted in the second round of this year's draft to provide a change or pace and eventually take the reigns in the backfield in coming seasons.

If Jackson's words about Fisher's new system and confidence translate to the field, then the Rams running attack will be in solid hands in 2012.

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