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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cardinals can not afford to lose Rafael Furcal

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English: St. Louis Cardinals Cap Insignia
The St. Louis Cardinals can not afford to lose Rafael Furcal at any point this season. -(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Rafael Furcal left Friday night's game in the ninth inning with a lower leg injury.

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny told reporters after the game that the injury did not look to be anything serious and that Furcal should be fine.  He was in Saturday afternoon's starting lineup against the Miami Marlins.

While it looks like Furcal should be ok for now, the scare brings to light just how important he is to the Cardinals and the team can ill-afford to lose him.  Here is why.

While many of the Cardinals sluggers, including Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, and yes Yadier Molina, get most of the publicity, Furcal may be the key that drives the Cardinals explosive offensive engine.

When Furcal hits well, the Cardinals win.

Just look at his splits below in Cardinals wins versus how he does in Cardinals losses.

in Wins3858113236.324.382.436.818
in Losses163222103.
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Generated 7/7/2012.

The numbers tell the entire story.  When Furcal hits, the Cardinals win.  When Furcal doesn't hit, well, the Cardinals seem to be a totally different team.

Couple these offensive statistics with Furcal's contributions on defense and you can see just how valuable a player Furcal is to this club.  Furcal might not get the headlines the other stars receive, but Furcal is a very valuable commodity at the top of the Cardinals potent lineup.

Hopefully the Furcal injury is not serious.  That way the Cardinals can rely on his steady play at the top of the lineup and not have to turn to the enigma that is Tyler Greene.

Furcal is very important to the Cardinals success and hope for a return to the playoffs.  The proof is in the numbers.

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