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Monday, July 2, 2012

Cardinals third base coach Jose Oquendo has pneumonia

English: José Oquendo
St. Louis Cardinals third base coach José Oquendo missed Monday's game with a case of pneumonia. - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
St. Louis Cardinals third base coach and former utility infielder Jose Oquendo has been a staple in a Cardinals uniform for parts of the past four decades as a player and as a coach.

Cardinals fans have grown accustomed to him waving runners in to score as the team's third base coach since 2000.

According to the Fox Sports Midwest's live telecast of Monday's game against the Colorado Rockies, Oquendo was not the third base coach because he has a case of pneumonia.

Replacing Oquendo as the third base coach during his illness is Chris Maloney, who normally serves as the first base coach.  Replacing Maloney at first base is assistant hitting coach John Mabry.

We wish Oquendo well and a quick recovery as it is always awful to hear one of the Cardinals most popular personalities not doing well.

Hopefully Oquendo gets better soon.


  1. Replacing Furcal as third base coach? Well he is the shortstop, not a coach. Also, it's telecast, not telecase. Do you have an editor?

  2. Thanks Thuderwear for bringing that to my attention. The mistakes have been corrected. Really appreciate you reading.

  3. Elizabeth Smith is the editor.... She must be busy tonight.


  4. No problem. Didn't want to come off as a dick. I write as well so the mistakes stood out. Not a bad article though.

    1. No problem. I don't like when I make mistakes so I appreciate you politely calling me out. What website you write for?