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Friday, July 13, 2012

Sam Land: Bradford says Jeff Fisher has already made difference

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English: Sam Bradford before a game in Denver ...
Rams quarterback Sam Bradford feels that new head coach Jeff Fisher has already made a difference at Rams Park. - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is entering his third season in the NFL with his third different offensive coordinator.

Things have not been easy for Bradford, especially when you consider the Rams have lost 23 games during his first two seasons.

That is more losing than Bradford did during his entire career at Oklahoma.

Bradford must improve upon his sophomore campaign.  If Bradford improves, it will cascade down the entire roster and the team will be better.

While the situation for Bradford has been anything but stable with the carousel at offensive coordinator, things look to be improving at Rams Park thanks to the steadying influence of veteran head coach Jeff Fisher.

Bradford feels that Fisher has already made a difference.
"Having Coach Fisher there is something that is really going to help our organization. He's a guy who's been in the league and winning games for a long time now. He's knows what he's doing.  From Day 1, he's had the respect of everyone in our locker room, which I think is extremely important."
"The changes that have been made this year and in the offseason are definitely going to help us win games."
Bradford may be a young player, but he is already one of the leaders of this team.  It is a natural progression for a quarterback.

Bradford's public support of Fisher and the new coaching staff is important as the team prepares to open training camp soon.  The Rams have a lot of improving to do in order to turn things around.  But with Fisher and Bradford on the same page, things can only be busier at as the Rams try to get back to winning in 2012.

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