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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tony La Russa fires back at Dusty Baker, again

Cropped picture of Tony La Russa on the outfie...
Tony La Russa went on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday morning and said the rift between he and Dusty Baker is personal. - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The rift between Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker and former St. Louis Cardinals and current National Leauge All-Star manager Tony La Russa is obvious.

Over the weekend Baker voiced his frustration regarding the omission of two of his players, pitcher Johnny Cueto and second baseman Brandon Phillips, off of the National League roster.  Baker blamed a past rift between the Reds players and La Russa for the snub.

On Monday, La Russa fired back at Baker, expressing he was disappointed with Baker's comments and explained that Cueto was not selected because he was scheduled to pitch on Sunday, making him unavailable to pitch in the All-Star game on Tuesday.

On Thursday morning, La Russa was on The Dan Patrick Show and was firing back at Baker again.

This time his words went even deeper.

La Russa says the rift between he and Baker is beyond professional at this point.  You can listen to the entire interview with Dan Patrick here.
“I feel betrayed by him.  Professionally is one thing. That was personal.  That was a knife in the back I don’t think I’ll forget.”
La Russa and Baker have a long and tenuous history which dates back to the end of Baker's playing days.  Baker's last season was spent in Oakland with La Russa as his manager.

Despite playing under La Russa, Baker never served on a La Russa coaching staff.

The two had various run-ins through many of Baker's managing stops, most notably during Baker's time with the Chicago Cubs and during his current stint with the Reds.

Both guys are competitors.  Both guys are managers who receive a lot of respect from their players.  Both guys have very contrasting styles.

And now, after La Russa's comments on The Dan Patrick Show, it does not look like the two will be seen having dinner anytime soon.


  1. I Have heard enough about Dusty and TLR...will the all star game hurry up and be over already ..,