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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Robert Quinn feels more comfortable, ready to produce

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Last season was a tough one for second-year St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn.  He did not even dress in his first game as a rookie and often times found himself limited to playing only during passing situations.

Now, in 2012, with one year under his belt and a new head coach backing him, Quinn is making more of an impact and living up to the billing of being a first round draft pick.

The pass-rushing defensive end said in a live chat earlier this week that he is feeling more comfortable and is ready to produce.

"Being around the guys in the locker room for a year makes me more comfortable and I think less and play faster now. You also realize it's your job and you have to grow up fast and produce."

Thus far in 2012, Quinn has produced.

Opposite Chris Long, another Rams first round draft pick, Quinn has collected two sacks in three games and along, seems to constantly be applying pressure on the opposing quarterback.

Quinn is an exciting talent and clearly has room to continue to grow.  He can still develop a power pass rush and can still get better against the run too.

Quinn is making a difference on the Rams suddenly stout and sometimes intimidating defense.  It is good to see a first draft pick that is paying off.

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