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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wiber: Is Daryl Richardson a better option at RB than Steven Jackson?

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I think an apology is in order before I kick this article off.

I am sorry Steven Jackson. You have spent your entire career playing for a woeful franchise. You have put up Hall of Fame numbers. You have been a first class citizen in the St. Louis community. You have been an outstanding teammate.  You could have went to another franchise and maybe go for a ring, but you chose to end your career here in St. Louis.

Here is why I need to apologize ahead of time.

I think it may be time for Steven Jackson to take a back seat to the young rookie running back Daryl Richardson.  Richardson brings fresh legs that are able to hit small holes which the St. Louis Rams very inexperienced offensive line can barely open up.

This young back can offer something that Jackson can’t offer anymore and that is versatility.  He can catch the ball out of the back field and turn up field for big yards.  Even though he is 5-10 and 192 pounds, this kid is not afraid to put his shoulder down and lay a defender out.

Don’t get me wrong, Jackson still provides unbelievable leadership and pass protection in the back field.  He can even give you some of the tougher yards in football.  But he does not look like an everyday back anymore.

After saying all this, I truly hope he can come back and show us flashes of the young Steven Jackson.  I hope that he can show us his woes this year are because of injury and not age.

Age is something that will catch up with all of us, even Steven Jackson.

Anthony Wiber is a columnist for StlSportsMinute.com and is a main contributor on the Cruddy Show (@CruddyShow), a St. Louis sports talk show that airs on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 pm CT.  You can follow Wiber on Twitter as well (@AWibes).

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