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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mizzou selling shirts to celebrate first SEC win

The SEC has not been too friendly this year to Gary Pinkel and the Missouri Tigers football program thus far.

After a trio of thumpings at the hands of traditional SEC powers Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina and an embarrassing home loss to Vanderbilt, Mizzou was finally able to pick up their first SEC conference victory with their 33-10 victory over cellar-dwelling Kentucky.

Mizzou was so happy win their first SEC victory that the school decided to celebrate in style by selling t-shirts to commemorate the victory.

The shirt describes how Mizzou "caged the cats" in their brilliant win over the Kentucky Wildcats. Check out the shirts for yourself.

When things are not going as expected in your new home you have to celebrate every chance you can.

But should Mizzou fans really be proud enough of their first SEC win over "Kentucky" to pay $16.99 for a shirt? Is a win over a team you suppose to beat really worthy of printing shirts over?

What will happen if Mizzou were to beat a good team in the SEC?

One could only imagine the merchandise available if and when that miracle occurs.