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Monday, October 15, 2012

Poll: Was Matt Holliday's slide into Marco Scutaro dirty?

During the playoffs, you often see teams and players step it up a notch.  Pitchers usually throw one or two miles per hour faster.  Hitters usually are locked in and more patient at the plate.  Base runners usually run just a little bit harder.

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday was running especially hard in Game Two of the National League Championship Series against the San Francisco Giants.  But was Holliday running too hard?

In the first inning, with Holliday on first, a ground ball was hit to shortstop.  Holliday came barreling into second base, sliding late, and brutally took out helpless San Francisco Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro.  You can check out a replay of the slide here.

Young ballplayers are taught to break up double plays.  They are taught to slide into second base hard in an attempt to make the second baseman move or get less on a throw.  Holliday's play was technically legal and he accomplished his mission of breaking up the double play.  Some would consider it good hard baseball.

Holliday, didn't just slide into second base.  He completely took out Scutaro by sliding way too late, injuring his hip.  Scutaro eventually left the game.

Was Holliday's slide just good hard baseball?  Or was it a dirty play by the Cardinals left fielder?  Vote now!