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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Video: Mizzou punter flips Alabama player

There were not too many highlights for Mizzou fans to be proud of after their 42-10 loss to the top ranked Alabama Crimson Tide on their home field Saturday afternoon.

One Mizzou player that did have a very good afternoon was punter Trey Barrow.

Besides having one punt attempt blocked by an unattended to Alabama player, Barrow booted the heck out of the ball all afternoon.  Barrow punted seven times for 302 yards, including one punt of a whopping 69 yards in the air.

Barrow also made a nice tackle in the game, sending an Alabama player flying into a somersault at midfield.

Barrow had a nice game for Mizzou.  But when your punter is your best player on the field, and best tackler, it generally means you have huge issues.