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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wiber: Sam Bradford is the right quarterback for the Rams

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Mistakes happen all the time.  Mistakes happen and they might not have the biggest of consequences. But some can send a sports franchise into a downward spiral.

Look at the Cleveland Browns and the mistake they made by drafting Tim Couch over Donavon McNabb. The Cleveland Browns have been terrible ever since and the Eagles played in three straight NFC Championships.

This is going somewhere, trust me.  I am putting the spotlight on the St. Louis Rams and their quarterback, Sam Bradford.  The Rams drafted Bradford first overall three years ago and some fans are looking for better results.  Some are wondering if the Rams made a mistake?

Now is Sam Bradford as bad as Tim Couch? No, not even close. But will he be as good as Donanvon McNabb was during his glory days in Philadelphia?

I have looked at a lot of drafts since 2004 and there have not been a lot of true franchise quarterbacks.  High profile quarterbacks that have entered the league since then include Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, and Robert Griffin III.  There were many others, but they were all bad.

Would the Rams be different with any of those quarterbacks?

Absolutely, but you cannot say that an Aaron Rodgers would be able to come to St. Louis and learn from a future Hall of Famer the way he did in Green Bay.  Well, if you call Marc Bulger a future Hall of Famer, please stop reading this.

Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are solid quarterbacks, but they have not won a Super Bowl in their 5 years in the league.  But they have been successful and a lot of that success has occured because their organizations have provided other playmakers to produce around them and I think that both of these quarterbacks will win a Super Bowl at some point.

It is too early in RGIII’s career to see if the Rams should have stayed and picked him with the number two overall pick this past year.  Is he a game changing athlete?  Yes!  But a Super Bowl quarterback?  I doubt it at this point.

I truly believe Bradford was the right guy for the Rams to select and stick with for the future.  He is an intelligent quarterback with loads.  His decision making, which has been in question at times, will improve.  He has held onto the ball too long and will learn to check down receivers when he needs too.

He also has faced pretty good defenses this year.  He is getting better and will get better, especially once we surround him with playmakers.  Because PLAYMAKERS make PLAYS!

I think with the hire of Jeff Fisher and his staff, the Rams will eventually go places that we haven’t seen since 1999 with Sam Bradford under center.

Believing in Sam Bradford is not a mistake.

Anthony Wiber is a columnist for StlSportsMinute.com and is a main contributor on the Cruddy Show (@CruddyShow), a St. Louis sports talk show that airs on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 pm CT.  You can follow Wiber on Twitter as well (@AWibes).