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Monday, December 3, 2012

Poll: Can the St. Louis Rams make the playoffs?

After the St. Louis Rams, despite a lackluster offensive effort, beat the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome in a thrilling 16-13 overtime win, many are wondering if the Rams could still make the playoffs.

With a 5-6-1 record, the Rams certainly are still in the playoff hunt and are in contention for a wildcard bid.

Mathematically, the Rams still have a chance, but their odds have been hurt drastically because of a bad loss at home to the New York Jets and a blown opportunity on the road at San Francisco, a game that resulted in a tie.

Those games were in the past and the results can not be changed.  The Rams must look forward if they hope to make the playoffs in Jeff Fishers first season.

The road ahead for the Rams is not an easy one as they have just one game left at home.  The Rams will travel to Buffalo before hosting Minnesota.

The Rams will play their last two games on the road against two other potential NFC playoff hopefuls in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks.

In a sense, the Rams may control their own destiny.  If they can win out the rest of the way, they will finish with a 9-6-1 record and will have knocked off two other teams they are competing directly with for a playoff spot.

So can the Rams pull it off?  Can the St. Louis Rams, with four games left on the schedule, make the playoffs?  Vote now!

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