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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wiber: Frank Haith is not having a good season on the bench for Mizzou

Missouri Tigers head basketball coach Frank Haith was on top of the world last year.  He was the head coach of one of the most surprising teams in college basketball and had all of these talented transfers coming into the program that were suppose to take Mizzou to new heights this season.
This season had all of the expectations of a run at the national title, but instead it is bringing Frank Haith back down to reality.  Last year, he could rely heavily on the seniors and Phil Pressey, this year the seniors are gone and it seems like he cannot reign in Phil Pressey.  

Yes, Frank Haith is a good recruiter, but this season might be proving that he isn’t the best game manager.

Phil Pressey is a fabulous point guard and a future NBA player, but his shot selection and lack of assists in the last couple of games is really hurting this team.  

It is up to the head coach to be able to coach the player and get the best out of each and every player.  He is not doing that right now.

Mizzou's offensive scheme consists of watching Phil Pressey and jacking up threes.  There are some many athletes and skilled players on this team, but there needs to be some continuity to the offense.  
The lack of a consistent rotation also hurts this team.  Players need to know their role and the best way to fulfill that role.  

It seems like Frank Haith has no control right now and it could get worse.

Then there are the possible NCAA sanctions Frank Haith may be facing.  It has been reported that he might have violated some NCAA rules while the head coach of the University of Miami.  If this is the case, he could and should be coaching his last season at Mizzou.  

The program does not need a cloud over its head like it had during the Quinn Snyder days.  Mizzou hoops looked to be back just a few weeks ago and we should not allow Frank Haith to bring it down with his shady recruiting tactics or poor on-court coaching.

Anthony Wiber is a columnist for StlSportsMinute.com and is a main contributor on The Cruddy Show (@CruddyShow), a St. Louis sports talk show that airs on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 pm CT.  You can follow Wiber on Twitter as well (@AWibes).