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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MLB free agents 2013: Could Kyle Lohse follow Kyle McClellan to Texas?

Former St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Kyle Lohse is still looking for a new home.  It has been a long winter for the free agent, who was planning on cashing in big after a second consecutive spectacular season. Unfortunately, Lohse has been unable to land anywhere, which is strange considering his former teammate Kyle McClellan, who is coming off of shoulder surgery, found a home in Texas today.

Rumors and chatter are suggesting that McClellan may not only be Lohse's former teammate, but maybe his future teammate as well.

Could Kyle Lohse follow Kyle McClellan to Texas?

Many are speculating that it could happen and according to Jim Bowden of ESPN.com, another former Cardinals star, Lance Berkman, is urging the Rangers organization to bring Lohse in.

Many believe that Lohse has not been able to find a home this offseason because rendering the prized free agent a contract would cause a team to give up a first round draft pick. That draft pick would go to the Cardinals as compensation for offering Lohse arbitration.

Lohse also is represented by Scott Boras, who has a reputation of driving up the prices of his players. Boras was recently hooting and hollering about how players' salaries have not increased proportionately with MLB revenue. Go figure.

But should the Rangers bring in the other former Cardinals' player named Kyle as well? As David Schoenfield, also of ESPN.com points out, Lohse could be a good fit for Texas, who is in need of a fifth starter.

Either way, Cardinals fans should once again tip their cap to general manager John Mozeliak and the Cardinals organization. The Cardinals do not need to go after pricey free agent pitchers due to the load of young talent in their possession. Barring injuries or development setbacks, the Cardinals' starting rotation should be set for many years to come with the likes of Shelby Miller, Trevor Rosenthal, and Carlos Martinez on the horizon.

Kyle Lohse will find a home at some point.  He is too good of a pitcher not to.  It is just a question of whether that new home will be with McClellan and Berkman in Texas.