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Sunday, January 27, 2013

St. Louis Blues wear No. 6 jerseys in warmup to honor Stan Musial

The St. Louis Blues and the St. Louis Cardinals have long had a wonderful relationship over the past several seasons. There are many instances where the players from both teams go out of their way to support each other. Just recently, Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter told the media about how the Blues let him practice and skate with them during the lockout.

While the story about Carpenter is nice, nothing tops what the Blues will do before Sunday night's game against the Minnesota Wild at the Scottrade Center.

In order to honor the passing of Stan Musial, the Blues will all wear No. 6 jerseys with Musial across the back during warmups on Sunday night.

Not only will the team honor Musial with the gesture, but they will also make the occasion charitable. The team plans on signing the jerseys and then auctioning them off during the game in order to raise money for the Blues 14 fund and for Cardinals Care.

For years the Blues have been known as a fan-friendly organization and making a gesture like this will certainly help win people over.

Honoring Stan Musial the way the Blues have chosen to do so is unique and fun and the organization should be applauded for recognizing just how great a person Stan "The Man" Musial truly was.