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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poll: Where should a St. Louis Rams new stadium be located?

As the St. Louis Rams and the city of St. Louis continue to work with an arbitrator over whether the Edward Jones Dome is a top tier facility and what improvements would make it one, many Rams fans are already looking forward to what feels inevitable.

Eventually, the St. Louis Rams will commit to staying in St. Louis and will build a new stadium in the St. Louis area. The million dollar question though, is where?

Many have speculated about where owner Stan Kroenke would like to build the Rams new home, once the legalities allow it to get to that point.

Traditionalists would prefer an open-air stadium located in downtown St. Louis. Others have proposed building a new stadium in St. Louis county, possibly in Maryland Heights or in Fenton, the former location of a Chrysler plant.

So where should the Rams and Kroenke, who is a real estate mogul, build a new stadium once negotiations allow the two parties to discuss what it is everyone truly wants in the first place? Vote now!