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Monday, January 21, 2013

St. Louis Rams: WR Steve Smith says he wants the Rams to move to L.A.

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Steve Smith did not have a very good season in 2012. The wideout caught just 14 passes for 131 yards and failed to find the end zone. While Smith did not perform very well in 2012 for the Rams, that did not stop him from being very frank about where he hopes the Rams play in future years.

Smith was caught on camera at a recent event explaining that he hopes that the Rams move to Los Angeles in the near future. Smith also said that he and his teammates agree that it would be better to play in L.A. and that they often talked about it on the practice field.

“Oh I know so,” said Smith when asked if he and his teammates would like for the team to move to Los Angeles. “We talked about it all season long. We would be out literally in practice — during practice — talking about playing in LA. Honestly.”

Smith's comments come at an interesting time as the team and the city of St. Louis have recently begun arbitration regarding improvements needed at the team's playing facility, the Edward Jones Dome.

Many believe, including Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, that the negotiations will eventually lead to talks of a new, open-air stadium located just north of the Dome in downtown St. Louis.

Smith's comments regarding the situation are comical at best, especially considering he likely will not be a member of the Rams next season. His production, or lack thereof, was insignificant in 2012 and he likely will only move further down the depth chart as guys like Brian Quick and Chris Givens continue to develop.

It is also funny that Smith mentions that these "Los Angeles" conversations occurred on the practice field. The practice field was about the only place Smith actually made it on the playing surface with any regularity in  2012.

Smith's comments are certainly bad taste and likely will not be forgotten in St. Louis anytime soon. Not that it will matter considering he won't be back with the Rams in 2013 and likely will have a hard time finding any work at all next season.

Maybe Steve Smith can shop at some malls in Canada next season because he might have a shot at playing for a Canadian football team. Then again, that is not a guarantee either.

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