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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Video: Blues' center David Backes levels former teammate Kent Huskins with clean hit

St. Louis Blues center David Backes is known as a physical player across the league. A player that plays the game the right way with tenacity, grit and aggression.

Backes, the Blues' captain and top-line centerman, played a physical game against the Detroit Red Wings on Friday night in a 5-3 loss on the road. Unfortunately, the refs thought Backes may have been too physical and issued the big man a five minute major and a game misconduct for a smashing hit on former teammate Kent Huskins.

The refs deemed that Backes hit Huskins in the head, which led to their decision to give Backes a major penalty. But as the video clearly shows, Backes didn't come close to hitting Huskins in the head and the play did not deserve a penalty at all.

The Red Wings went on to score the go-ahead goal on the five minute power play they were handed as a result of this call, which sealed a come-from-behind victory for Detroit.

The hit by Backes was ferocious and clean. Unfortunately, not only did Huskins pay the price, but the Blues did as well.