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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Free agent Kyle Lohse should fire his agent Scott Boras

With just two weeks until MLB's opening day of the 2013 season, former St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher and current free agent Kyle Lohse is still looking for a home and a place to play this season. As was discussed on a recent episode of The Cruddy Show, there have been plenty of excuses made for why Kyle Lohse has not been signed at this point, most notably, that a team would have to give up a first round draft pick in this June's draft.

While first round picks are valuable, it is hard to fathom that a calculated gamble on a player that has just as much of a chance of not making it to the Majors as he does making it, is not as valuable as an experienced innings horse who posted a 16-3 record last season for the Cardinals.

How much longer will it take for Kyle Lohse to get fed up with the situation and hold somebody accountable? No, I am not talking about Lohse accusing MLB team's of collusion or blaming the most recent collective bargaining agreement for the reason he is out work.

Lohse should blame the man that represents him, Scott Boras, for grossly mishandling his free agency and leaving him in a situation where 2013, a year where Lohse is 34 years old and is running out of productive money earning seasons, could be a complete waste.

Kyle Lohse should fire Scott Boras and place the blame squarely on the agent for not getting him a contract that will secure his future for year's to come.

Lohse shouldn't buy the excuses he is receiving from Boras any longer. Lohse should reject the notion that team's are not interested because he is a "pitch-to-contact" pitcher. He should not accept that American League teams are worried about his ineffective past tour through the league.

All of this, is hogwash and are just excuses for a job poorly done by Boras.

Lohse should demand more from Boras and place the blame squarely on the super-agent's lap. It is Boras' fault, not the system, as to why Lohse still does not have a job. Boras overshot the market for Lohse initially and is still asking way too much for Lohse's services.

Lohse is worth $10 to $12 million per season and likely could garner a three year contract at that rate. Boras is asking for more and it is Lohse who is paying the price.

Kyle Lohse is too good of a pitcher to still be looking for work and if he wants to find a team, he must bite the bullet, lose Scott Boras, and sign on with a team for a fair deal and maximize his opportunity in 2013 before it is too late.

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