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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NFL Free Agency: Rams were smart to let Danny Amendola walk

As the NFL free agency period continues with a bevy of moves made across the league, many St. Louis Rams' fans knew once the team decided to sign free agent tight end Jared Cook to a five year deal that fan-favorite wide receiver Danny Amendola would not be back with the Rams next season.

The Rams were smart to let Amendola walk

Amendola received a monster deal from the New England Patriots, who were likely making a knee-slap reactionary move after Wes Welker had joined forces with Peyton Manning in Denver on a two year contract worth $12 million.

The contract the Patriots gave Amendola is absolutely ridiculous and is way too much money for a wide receiver who just can not stay healthy. The Rams were smart to stay away from Amendola at this cost as the team could not afford to pay that much to an unreliable player who can only play in the slot and make fair catches as a punt returner.

Amendola was great with the Rams while healthy, but he was injured way too often.

Amendola is a good player, don't get me wrong. When on the field, he did some great things and obviously had some big time chemistry with quarterback Sam Bradford.

But the Rams don't need a $6 million a year slot receiver.

The Rams need guys who can make explosive plays down field and can be dangerous red zone targets. Amendola is very limited down field and Cook is by far a better red zone option for the money.

Amendola always gave 100 percent in a Rams uniform and played his heart our while in St. Louis. He has earned the contract given to him by the Patriots.

But the Rams were very smart in staying away from bringing Amendola back.

There are bigger things, literally, in store for this team and tying up valuable cap space in an often-injured slot receiver just would not have been a smart move.