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Friday, May 10, 2013

St. Louis Cardinals: Chris Carpenter throws 70 pitch bullpen session and reveals curly hair

Within the last week, St. Louis Cardinals 38-year old disabled ace Chris Carpenter revealed to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he hoped to make one last rehab attempt and return to the Cardinals as a possible member of the beleaguered bullpen.

On Friday afternoon at Busch Stadium, Carpenter took a huge step in his bid to once again defy all of the odds and return to the Cardinals. Carpenter threw 70-pitches with his full arsenal of pitches and was pain free.

Not only did Carpenter throw a great bullpen session on Friday, but he also revealed a full head of curly hair for the first time Cardinals fans since coming to the organization in 2004.

While the curly hair is fun to see and is certainly a different side of Carpenter, the fact that he is fighting through a debilitating injury for the second season in a row to try and make a contribution should make Cardinals fans smile.

When it comes to sports, Carpenter is the definition of "warrior". He is a bulldog. His tenacity is unmatched in baseball. He is the type of player that you love if he is yours, and absolutely hate if he is not.

It should be fun to watch and see if Carpenter can indeed comeback and if he does make the long road back, what role he will play?  The Cardinals who currently have the best pitching staff in baseball and have seemed to temporarily solve the bullpen issues for now, but having a healthy Chris Carpenter can not hurt your team.

Either way, its is fun to see Carpenter back in the thick of things and Cardinals fans can only hope that his comeback bid continues down a positive path, curly hair and all.