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Sunday, July 20, 2014

St. Louis Cardinals initiate Shelby Miller in to bullpen with trust fall

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When the St. Louis Cardinals announced that Shelby Miller would be moving to the bullpen as the team goes with a four-man rotation over the next several weeks thanks to a favorable schedule, some were caught off guard.

So far, it looks like the young Miller is handling things quite well.  So well in fact, that he was good sport when the rest of the bullpen decided to "initiate" the youngster in to the group with a "trust fall".

It was a pretty cool move by all involved and as mentioned, it is good to see that Miller is handling things the right way.

Last post-season when he was demoted to the bullpen and not even used, many wondered how that would effect the youngster

This time around, as the Cardinals claim the time in the bullpen will be used to rest the 23-year old, Miller looks like he is accepting the role.

The starter has struggled at times this year and more so of late and has posted a 7-8 record with a 4.29 ERA and a 1.468 WHIP. The WHIP is what is most alarming, mainly caused by Miller's 54 walks in 109.0 innings.  His 73 strikeouts to 54 walks do no make for a desirable ratio either.

So, it looks like Miller is trusting the move to the bullpen thus far and lets hope he can start to make his ERA and WHIP fall in his new role.

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